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Turkey is one of the countries spearheading the health tourism sector worldwide. Owing to its health infrastructure that has made significant progress during the last two decades, the country hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists from abroad every year. New hospitals, the application of cutting-edge technology in healthcare, and, of course, competent cadres are driving the country towards a global scale. However, let’s note that Turkey’s competency in healthcare is not the only factor fueling its prominence in the sector. We are talking about God’s own country having anything a tourist is looking for. A country that owns what others don’t: Istanbul.

That’s why we are not inviting you to dental treatment only. We also offer you an unforgettable holiday that will relieve all the stress you may experience in the dental chair. Think about the pleasure you will take in the Turkish coffee while watching the seagulls that fly over the Bosphorus. Or, the flavor shock the best Turkish chefs will create on your palate. Istanbul, as a wonderful city, opens the doors of travelers’ spirits to uncharted surprises every day. And it meets all that an explorer may expect. The city, which makes the Blue Mosque from the 15th century and the Hagia Sophia bearing traces of Christianity two close friends in the same peninsula, is steeped in the histories of different civilizations. Istanbul is attractive enough for people wishing to see its historical richness. Yet, through the blue flag beaches found in its northern parts, it also offers distinctive experiences for those who want to savor the sunny summers.

Every passing year, due to its unique characteristics and the opportunities it provides, this city attracts an increasing number of visitors for health purposes. As the locomotive of health tourism in Turkey, for instance, Istanbul was favored by over 90% of 1,4 million people who visited the country in 2023 in this regard. It’s crystal-clear that these people didn’t choose the city for only treatment quality, an abundance of clinic options, or the ancillary services provided. While they were eliminating their health issues in exchange for very affordable prices, they could also grab a chance to have a holiday in a place visited by more than 10 million foreigners every year.

Istanbul is also an advantage for foreign guests who intend to receive treatment in clinics located there but would rather have a vacation in other stunning cities across Turkey. Because it is the transportation hub of the country. Thanks to the recent investments made in the transportation sector, traveling in Turkey takes less time than before. Tourism destinations are now more smoothly accessible with different options. Accordingly, you can plan a two-phase travel and visit other Turkish cities following your treatment.

Why Should Turkey Be Preferred For Dental Treatment ?

Turkey, one of the world’s most reputable actors in health tourism, is taking significant steps toward improving this reputation. Private hospitals, clinics, and health centers make remarkable efforts to contribute to this goal in the country.
We, AUREA DENTAL, are one of the parts of this business through twelve years of experience, a competent crew, and thousands of customers who have taken leave from our clinic with smiles on their faces. Our vision promoted by customer satisfaction has enabled us to reach thousands of patients.
We cannot ignore the role of Istanbul in our customers’ preferences as a city of history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty. You can also take your part among our esteemed patients and simultaneously have a vacation you won’t forget for years in the heart of both Europe and Asia.

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